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Cover for Tesla Model 3 vs the world

Tesla Model 3 Performance is making rounds in UK media with publishers big and small doing drag race videos and reviews, comparing it to the traditional German competition - BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Yesterday Model 3 appeared in BBC Top Gear where it did rather well in a half mile acceleration test - leaving all competition multiple carlengths behind from the start before being narrowly beaten on the finish line by Mercedes ...Hot Toys ACS004 MMS473D23 Iron Man Mk50 Mark L Accessories Battering Rams Loose

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Cover for Gordon Murray to launch McLaren F1 successor in 2022

Legendary designer Gordon Murray who created the Mclaren F1 has unveiled an all-new €2.5 million three seat lightweight hypercar that, he believes, will beat all rivals including the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes AMG One.

This car, dubbed "T50", will be made in a batch of 100 units over a calendar year by Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA). It will be all-carbon rear wheel drive design, just under 4.4 meters long - slightly ...more

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Worst F1 still kicks ass

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Slower than the base model M5 by over a whole second, AMG is so ...

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