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Senrio: Know your environment.

Enterprise grade security, visibility, and asset awareness for everything on your entire network.

...powered by Senrio's industry-leading device intelligence platform.

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What is Senrio?

It's 2018 and chances are you still don't actually know what's on your network. The reality for most enterprises is their networks are suffering from major install-gaps and software licensing volume mismatches. They’re also crawling with unmanaged and rogue devices. The devices you didn't provision. The devices you didn't buy. And as for the ones you did buy and provision, where are they now and what are they doing? Do you even know?

Until now, answering these questions has been harder than it should be.

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Senrio Quick Product Demo from Senrio on Vimeo.

The Senrio platform is designed to answer these questions for you.

Enterprise-wide agentless asset identification and system categorisation is now a reality.

If a device has a network interface we passively identify, classify and categorise it. We then add it to a living, dynamic record of all devices on your network.

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Senrio is easy to use. User workflow revolves around our "Network PetriDish™" view of your network and devices. Point-and-click to navigate between classes of devices, grouped together based on their common attributes. Attributes that the Senrio Device Intelligence platform identified automatically!

  • Know exactly what your network is made of.
  • Agentless
  • Passive
  • Automatic Asset Identification, no manual data entry required!

We can even export all your device information into compliance-friendly file formats, which means no more late nights manually recording device MAC and IP addresses into spreadsheets. Importing data into your asset management platform will save you countless hours.

In short, we tell you everything you need to know about all your devices and what they're doing.

  • Know instantly when your network changes
  • Get customizable reports for compliance, asset inventory, asset utilization, etc.
  • Plugs into all major dashboards, BI tools, SIEMs, CMDBs, Ticketing Systems, and EAMs.
  • Developer API available out-of-box. Integrate it into your own in-house tools within seconds.

Senrio in the News

The integration of Senrio Insight with RSA NetWitness provides Security Administrators with a single pane of glass to monitor network activity and respond quickly to anomalies in your network.

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[Senrio] researchers find a flaw that could let hackers take over millions of security cameras and other connected devices.


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Senrio revealed a hackable flaw it’s calling “Devil’s Ivy,” a vulnerability in a piece of code called gSOAP widely used in physical security products, potentially allowing faraway attackers to fully disable or take over thousands of models of internet-connected devices from security cameras to sensors to access-card readers.


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At RSA Conference, Senrio researchers will show how relatively unskilled attackers can steal personally identifiable information without coming into contact with endpoint security tools.

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  • The addition of Senrio [...] addresses security and remote connectivity issues [...] This combination of IT technologies will create a state-of-the-art monitoring solution available to the water municipal and industrial markets."

    — Vice President of Aftermarket and Digital Solutions at H2O Innovation, a global leader in wastewater treatment

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  • The market needs a comprehensive answer [...] but today there are few solutions to this challenge. Senrio offers a much-needed new approach."

    — Program Director, Security Services, IDC

  • [They’ve] built a classifier for network-connected devices as a part of Senrio’s IoT security platform, and it turns out it’s actually running rings around a bunch of Enterprise Asset Management tools. People are actually using [their] IoT security monitoring solution to do asset management and figure out install gaps for their EDR solutions."

    — Risky Business

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How does Senrio work?

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In one word: "metadata". We passively collect metadata about all the devices on your network and how they communicate, then shunt it into our cloud (or an on-prem server) for processing. That metadata can tell us:

What type devices are on my network?
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Are we overpaying our vendors?
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  • Desktops: Windows, macOS, Linux machines etc.
  • Servers
  • Mobile devices: Android, iOS etc
  • IoT: IP cameras, desk phones, medical devices, SCADA etc.
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Great! What else can Senrio do?


  • Generate firewall rules to remove rogue devices.
  • Discover historical communication between any of your devices and known-bad domains. (i.e. botnet C2 domains)
  • Feed this information to other security solutions on your network, like your vulnerability scanners.
  • Build a baseline for what's normal on your network — what are the most common domains that a device speaks to? What are the most common domains a class of devices speaks to? Spot the outliers and identify rogue software in your environment.

Asset Management & Awareness

  • Discover, identify and classify every single device on your network.
  • Be alerted when one of your desktop systems stops updating its AV signatures or receiving OS updates.
  • Export a comprehensive CSV file containing details of every single device on your network, including risk weightings (with the compliance device export wizard).

Network Visbility

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  • Malfunctioning IoT devices
  • Devices that are on the wrong subnet or not VLAN'd correctly
  • Unmanaged devices and install gaps in your standard operating environments

What do you need to do?

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I dont know how many things are on my network, but I want to find out.

You need


I have a rough idea of what is on my network, but I need a workbench or master console to see everything.

I need to find install gaps and do policy checking.

I have a compliance requirement. I need to see what’s there  and confirm my network/host configuration.

I’d like to know when things are acting strangely.

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You need

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